Wilmcote vs Stratford Sports 9th January 2018

Wilmcote vs Stratford Sports saw a 2-3 win for the visitors                  View match card


At lunchtime on Tuesday I thought of hiring a minibus because Stratford Sports had 8 wanting to play plus crowd! This reduced to 6, a more manageable number, when Chris Godman and Eric Noble both reported in sick, hopefully they will recover soon.


First frame saw Josh Boyce take on Stuart Watson, who knocked in a good 41 break and looked like an easy winner until he failed to pot a difficult long last red. Fortunately Josh didn’t take full advantage, despite the colours being out in the open and mainly on their spots, leaving Stuart to win on the pink after both players had missed chances. Ryan Woodcock versus Adrian Adamson was next, a very scrappy frame where the colours headed straight to the cushions and the reds went all over the table early on. Both players struggled, there were so many in-offs I lost count, Adrian eventually won, 2-0 to Stratford Sports, great start to the match.


Third frame was completely different seeing a good pairing between Josh Harrison and Vince Yarrington. Both players potted well and played good safety, there were even a few excellent snookers thrown in. Vince started well and extended his handicap advantage to over 20 points, but Josh came back with a 27 break and eventually won on the pink. Next up was Tim Stephens against Adrian Butler. Tim went for everything and got most, when he didn’t the balls somehow went safe. Despite having no run whatsoever Adrian got back into the frame with a mix of excellent safety and good red-colour combinations, only to fall well behind again after a sequence of foul shots. Tim potted the last two reds with blacks to go 31 ahead but snookered himself on the yellow, missed to leave Adrian 27 points behind. Adrian potted the yellow and followed it with a great green, leaving the remaining colours all available, only to see the white cut the black into the green pocket. Yet again Tim tried to help by going in off the blue once and then almost doing it again, but eventually won the frame. 2-2 and down to a final frame decider.


Tony Curtis went on for Wilmcote, I was hoping to not play this week but Paul Robson, who had arrived by taxi for his first game of the season, wasn’t feeling up to it, so I put my name down. This was easily the worst frame of the night, a true shocker in which the balls went safe early on and neither of us could get going. I remember being on 8 points only, with as many reds having been potted, and Tony had generously donated 4 of those! Dug in and ground it out, though, had a good chance to clear the final colours after Tony went in off, broke down again after a terrible positional shot for the green. An outrageous fluke on the pink followed by a ridiculous long potted black whilst listening to my teammates whispering “surely he’s going to play safe” won the frame, it was embarrassing but I’ll take the win!


A big thanks to the Wilmcote team for doing wonders with their table, a good deal of brushing and regularly ironing has turned it into one of the nicer away tables in the league, well done guys.