Club Rules

Dress Code

Casual dress is allowed at all times.  Members and guests are requested to dress tidily.  The wearing of T-shirts, jeans, track suits, sweat shirts, training shoes and dress with prominent logos is prohibited.

Mobile Phones

Emergency use only e.g. doctor on call within the club facilities otherwise please use them outside the club facilities.

cigarette bin

No Smoking

Smokers are requested to use the new smoking area at the front of the building by the steps and please keep the area tidy and discard cigarette ends etc in bins provided

Playing Area

  • It is not permitted to play without the table lights switched on.
  • Smoking and food consumption is prohibited in the playing area.


The entrance doors to the main corridor and the snooker hall must be kept closed at all times. The last person leaving at any time must ensure that the lights are off, the window shutters down and that the doors (including the emergency exit doors) are firmly closed.

Door Entry Cards

New members are provided with a club access SALTO card, to gain access to the clubhouse and the snooker room but will only give access between 8am and 11pm.

The cards will be de-activated on 30th April and only be re-activated on 1st May providing the annual subscription has been paid.

When a card is first to be used and when a card has been re-activated by payment of the renewal then the member must swipe the card at the main entrance to the club for it then to also be usable at the snooker club door - thereafter if the main doors are open then the card will be usable at the snooker club door without swiping it at the main door.

If a member loses his/her card or the card is damaged or does not work as it should then it should be reported to the Sports Club Managers (behind the bar) who are responsible for the management and service of the cards.  The issue of a new card without the old one being handed in may incur a replacement fee.

If a card is found then it should be handed in to the Sports Club Managers at the bar.

Under no circumstances may cards be passed to non-members for entry to the premises of the Club or to the snooker hall.  Infringement of this rule may result in loss of membership.


It is the responsibility of a member introducing visitors to ensure that the correct entry is made in the Visitors' Book on entering the snooker hall and before commencing play and that their guests conduct themselves in accordance with the Section’s rules.

No individual may be introduced as a guest more than 6 times during a calendar year.

A member may not introduce more than 3 guests at any one time.

Car Parking

Click Here for the club webpage on parking arrangements for members and guests.

Section Competitions

Each competition shall be controlled by a member appointed by the Committee. The member so appointed shall have full authority regarding its organisation and shall be sole arbiter in case of dispute.

Amendment of Rules

These rules may be added to, repealed or amended by resolution at any Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting provided that no such resolution shall be deemed to have been passed unless it is carried by a majority of at least two thirds of the members voting on such resolution.

Sports Club Rules

All members are bound by the Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Club and by any Bye-laws of the Club and if any conflict should arise between the rules of the Section and those of the Club the rules of the Club shall prevail.