The affairs of the Section will be managed by a Section Committee comprising:

  • Chairman
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • 4 members of committee

Officers will be elected at the AGM.  Each committee member will serve for two years and will then retire but shall be eligible for re-election.

The Section Committee shall have power to appoint a member to fill a vacancy thereon until the next AGM and shall have the power to co-opt any member on to the Section Committee for a specific purpose.

The Section Committee shall meet at least once in every quarter to examine the accounts and arrange the affairs of the Section.  Four members of the Section Committee (at least one of whom shall be an officer) shall form a quorum.

The Section Committee shall be responsible for the annual rate of subscription and for ensuring that finances are efficiently controlled.  The Section Committee shall have power to set pro rata subscriptions for new members joining part way through a subscription year.

The Section Committee may from time to time make, repeal or amend such regulations (not inconsistent with these rules) as it shall consider expedient for the management and well-being of the Section.  All regulations made by the Section Committee may be set aside by a resolution of a General meeting of the Section members.

The Section Committee shall have the power to appoint consultants, pay and dismiss employees on such terms as it may deem necessary.

Financial Year

The financial year shall end on the 30th September in each year, to which day the accounts of the Section shall be balanced.

The accounts shall as soon as practicable after the end of the financial year be audited by a professional accountant, who shall be appointed at each annual general meeting, and who shall not be a member of the Section.  A vacancy occurring in the office of the Auditor during the year shall be filled by order of the Section Committee.